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Uncovering the Mysteries of Sable Island Nova Scotia Canada

Uncovering the mystery of Sable Island

by Hafsa Subhan
Uncovering sable island mysteries

Sable Island, located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, is a remote but alluring untouched paradise. This ‘Jewel of the Atlantic’ is an undiscovered gem still relatively unknown even by the local population. It has many fascinating stories and uncovering mysteries to be uncovered. Despite its small size, Sable Island’s story is intriguing and captivates its viewers with a mix of historical facts and folk tales.

 This article will explore Sable Island and uncover the captivating mysteries that make this small island special.

Sable Island, often called the ‘Jewel of the Atlantic,’ is a small, isolated island off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada. This island is over 32 kilometers long and 1.70 kilometers wide. Despite its small size, the island has had a lengthy and captivating history. This place is full of stories and mysterious events that appeal to all who visit.

History of the Sable Island Nova Scotia Canada:

Sable island nova scotia canada

Sable Island’s history begins with its discovery by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534. After its discovery, the Portuguese and Spanish used the island to establish fishing settlements. However, the fishing settlements were short-lived due to the island’s harsh weather and difficult navigation. In the late seventeenth century, the island was used for grazing horses, for which it is still known today. It is also known for its graveyard, which contains over 150 gravestones.

The island was also a major site of shipwrecks over the next century or so before being designated as a National Wildlife Area in 1938. This caused the island to become protected and inaccessible to the public. Yet, in recent years the island has been opened up to visitors, allowing anyone to visit and discover its mysteries and stories.

Wildlife and Ecosystem of Sable Island:

Uncovering sable island mysteries

Sable Island is home to a wide array of species. It ranges from sea birds, such as the Northern Gannet and Arctic Tern, to shorebirds, such as the Willet and Piping Plover. The island is also home to many mammals, including seals, dolphins, and horses. It is often said that Sable Island is a unique and beautiful place because of the diverse wildlife and ecosystem it harbors.

The island’s ecosystem is equally diverse, consisting of several habitats, including saltwater marsh and beaches, grasslands, woodlands, and shrublands. These habitats support and nurture the wide variety of wildlife found on Sable Island. These things contribute to the island’s beauty and seclusion.

Legend and Families of Sable Island:

mysteries of island

As well as its pristine wildlife, Sable Island is known for its mysterious and captivating history. The island is known to be “cursed,” with tales of farmers, lighthouse keepers, and even ghosts that continue to live on the island. The island is said to be home to the spirits of those whose lives have been touched by its deceptive sands. Locals have tales of their experiences and connections with those lingering on the island.

Many of the island’s stories revolve around the Sable Island families. The people who lived on Sable Island and worked as lighthouse keepers. These families had an incredibly close bond with the land. Some families stay for generations to maintain the light. This strong connection to the land and its wildlife is said to be why local fishermen, even today, continue to visit the island to thank them for their help navigating through the darkness.

Culture on Sable Island:

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The unique and captivating culture is one of the largest draws to Sable Island. Thanks to its long and varied history and the delightful stories passed down by generations of locals. Much of the culture of Sable Island is an amalgam of traditional beliefs from the pre-colonial era, sailors whose vessels ran aground on its shores throughout its history.

This culture is closely tied with that of the island’s legends and stories, which remain pervasive in the culture today. 

This is seen in the traditional sailors’ seaside games played on the island and the elaborate scrimshaw pieces produced by the local inhabitants. These scrimshaw pieces are a tribute to the island, as they tell stories of pirates, sea monsters, and ancient folklore as seen through the eyes of the local inhabitants.

How to Access Sable Island:

Due to Sable Island’s remote location, accessing the island can be a challenge! The only way to access the island is via boat or helicopter, which can be arranged in advance through a tour operator or government contact. However, like the castles of medieval times, due to its remoteness, visitors must be well-prepared with food and supplies, as they cannot purchase any while on the island.

Visitors should be equipped with all the necessary items to make the most of their time on the island. These should include a camera and binoculars, which will come in handy for spotting the island’s wildlife


Sable Island is an undiscovered paradise full of mystery and adventure just waiting to be explored. Despite its small size, the island has a lengthy and captivating history and a diverse ecosystem that draws people from all over the world. If you ever want to explore the breathtaking beauty of Sable Island, you now know how to get there and what to expect.


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