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Scientists Are Investigating Signs of Ancient Human Underwater Civilizations

Unveiling Ancient Mysteries: Underwater Civilization and Human Remains

by Hafsa Subhan
Underwater Civilizations

The depths of our world’s waters hold secrets that continue to captivate archaeologists. In recent years, two remarkable discoveries have shed light on ancient human underwater civilizations hidden beneath the waves. As you remember we have already discussed some of the most astonishing underwater discoveries: 

which shed light on ancient underwater civilizations. From the submerged cairns of Lake Constance to the lost landscapes of Doggerland, these findings have unveiled a rich history that was once concealed beneath the surface.

Cairns of Lake Constance: A Neolithic Enigma

Underwater Signs of human remains - Lake Constance

Exploring the Cairns

Imagine a trail of ancient rock piles, or cairns, stretching for miles under the shimmering waters of Lake Constance. It is nestled between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Institute for Lake Research in Langenargen discovered it in 2015. These enigmatic structures have fascinated experts and the public alike. Approximately 170 of these rock formations, some several feet wide and six feet tall, form a line beneath the lake’s surface. Recent research, led by archaeologist Urs Leuzinger of the Museum of Archaeology of the Canton of Thurgau, suggests that these cairns were constructed by humans around 5,500 years ago during the Neolithic period.

The Mystery Endures

Despite their impressive size, the purpose of these 10-kilometre-long underwater formations, which are remnants of ancient underwater civilizations, remains a mystery. Could they have served as crannogs, fishing platforms, burial sites, or border fortifications? Some even speculate that they were part of a calendar system or an astronomical display with cultic significance. While investigations are ongoing, new findings are emerging, including evidence of cut marks from stone axes on a second cairn.

Community Effort

Archaeologists believe that multiple ancient settlements around Lake Constance may have contributed to the construction of these cairns. It’s unlikely that a single village population could have erected 170 cairns, pointing to a communal effort spanning the region. The mystery deepens as more underwater cairns come to light, even on the northern shoreline in Germany.

Doggerland: Europe’s Submerged Frontier

Doggerland - human remains underwater

The Lost Landscape

Now, let’s journey to Doggerland. A land that once connected mainland Europe with the eastern coast of Great Britain, approximately 12,000 years ago. What is now the North Sea was once a diverse landscape of hills, marshland, wooded valleys, and swamps. Embedded in the sea floor are traces of human settlements from this ancient time, hinting at a vibrant civilization that thrived in what is now submerged beneath the waves.

Unearthing the Past

Archaeologists at the University of Bradford are using innovative methods to uncover the secrets of Doggerland without taking a dive into the North Sea. They are utilizing magnetometry to detect anomalies in magnetic fields. It is a technology employed mainly by terrestrial archaeologists. This approach allows them to identify changes in the landscape, such as peat-forming areas, sediments, and erosion channels, without disturbing the underwater environment.

Discoveries Await

The allure of Doggerland lies in its rich history as one of the most resource-rich and diverse regions between approximately 20,000 BCE and 4,000 BCE. The global warming that marked the end of the last ice age submerged this ancient land, burying it beneath the ocean. While some artifacts have been discovered by chance, much about Doggerland’s ancient inhabitants remains elusive. However, the potential to uncover evidence of hunter-gatherer activity and middens (rubbish dumps with valuable archaeological information) fuels the excitement of these ongoing investigations.


The mysteries hidden beneath the world’s waters continue to amaze and inspire us. From the underwater cairns of Lake Constance to the lost landscapes of Doggerland, these discoveries offer a glimpse into our shared past. As scientists and archaeologists delve deeper, we may soon unravel more of the secrets concealed beneath the waves. Discovering lost civilizations always fascinates the world and leaves behind many mysteries. The allure of underwater civilizations remains, waiting to reveal further chapters in the epic story of human history.

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